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  1. Koken Tools: The Ultimate Guide for Your Automotive Repair Shop in Australia


    When managing an automotive repair shop in Australia, the tools you choose can greatly impact your service quality. One brand that stands out is Koken Tools. Originally from Japan, this professional-grade tool brand is known for its outstanding quality, durability, and reliability.

    Why Koken Tools Matter

    The reputation of Koken Tools within the industry is unquestionable. These tools are more than just instruments; they are the foundation of every automotive repair shop. They deliver consistent performance and earn trust among professionals who recognize the importance of using top-notch equipment.

    The Importance of Choosing the Right Tools

    Selecting the right tools is a crucial decision that can influence an automotive repair shop's efficiency, productivity, and reputation. By making an informed choice, you'll

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  2. Understanding the Different Types of Bessey Clamps Available in Australia


    In the world of woodworking, clamps play a crucial role. They hold pieces firmly in place, ensuring cuts are precise and joints secure. This level of accuracy is essential for any project's strength and beauty. Out of the many options available, Bessey clamps are known for their strength and user-friendly design, making them a top choice for professionals and DIYers alike.

    This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Bessey clamps, including:

    ● The different types of Bessey clamps and how to choose the right one for your specific project.
    ● Techniques for using Bessey clamps effectively to make your work easier and achieve better results.
    ● Tips on maintaining your clamps so they last for years without any issues.
    ● Solutions to common problems that may come up while using Bessey clamps.

    With this information, you'll be able to make the most out of Bessey's clampin

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  3. Why Hills Ironing Boards are the Perfect Companion to Your Hills Clothesline

    Hill Clothline Iron Boards


    Ironing clothes is an essential task in every household, and having the right ironing board can make a significant difference in how efficient and enjoyable the process is. Hills, a leading brand in the laundry industry, offers a range of ironing boards that are specifically designed to complement their clotheslines. In this article, we will explore why Hills ironing boards are the perfect companion to your Hills clothesline. 

    Ironing clothes is a necessary chore that many people do not enjoy, but with the right tools, the process can be made much easier and even more enjoyable. Hills, a reputable brand in the laundry industry, understands the importance of efficiency and convenience, which is why they have designed their ironing boards to perfectly complement their clotheslines. One of the key reasons why Hills ironing boards are the perfect companion

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  4. Our Best-Selling Products at House Trade Supplies

    House Trade Supplies carries an extensive stock of tools and supplies for homeowners, tradies, contractors, and even casual weekend handymen, but what are some of the best-selling products we carry? Below are five of our all-time best sellers and why you should pick them up:

    01. Werner Ladder Telescoping Multi Purpose

    A trusty ladder is just so important to have around the home or on a job site, and it’s certainly worth investing in a good ladder since your life can very well depend on that quality when you put it to good use. Our Werner Ladder Telescoping Multi Purpose is a great ladder to have for all sorts of purposes, since it can be configured to be placed in four d

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  5. Top 5 Must-Have Tools for Every DIY Home Improvement Project

    Looking to apply a little elbow grease and do some work around the house? DIY projects can be fun and educational, and they can save you lots of money, but it’s very important that you do things correctly. This means using proper techniques (you’ll either have to know how before or learn before and as you go), but you’ll also need high-quality tools and equipment to get the job done. Below are five of our must-have tools for your DIY home improvement project:

    Measuring and Layout Tools

    You know what they say, “measure twice, cut once.” There’s a good reason that “measure once, cut twice” never became a popular saying! With the cost of timber and other building materials so high, you really can’t afford to waste any of it with poor or imprecise cuts, which means you’ll need accurate and dependable measuring and layout tools and supplies. A simple

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  6. 5 Key Benefits of Using Cordless Tools

    Are you a homeowner looking to do a little remodelling of your home? Perhaps you’re a tradie that needs good, dependable and portable power tools to help you get the job done safely? While there are many great and useful corded tools to help you get things done, sometimes you absolutely need to cut the cord and gain the full portability of your trusty tools. As batteries are getting more and more powerful and practical for all sorts of devices, so too cordless tools are gaining popularity amongst homeowners, tradies, or anyone else in need of the practical benefits they bring.

    Below are five top benefits of cordless tools:

    01. Portability

    This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of having a cordless tool, but it’s nonetheless important to mention how much flexibility you gain from switching to cordless tools. While this does mean that you can work further away from a power outlet, it also means you will not be posing any tri

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  7. 5 Hand Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

    Are you a novice handyman around the house? Perhaps you’re a veteran weekend warrior always taking on new challenges and improving your home with creative and functional projects. Whatever the case may be, you’ll certainly want to get your hands on some quality hand tools to help get the job done, whether it’s touching up some mortar and brickwork, erecting a fence, fixing a toilet, or just about anything else you may be up to on your property.

    Below are five must-have hand tools for homeowners:

    Claw Hammer

    “If the only tool you have is a hammer, it is tempting to treat everything as if it were a nail.” Homebuilders, tradies, and responsible homeowners all need a good trusty hammer to hammer out various problems around the house.

    Bang in nails and remove them safely with our

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  8. Top 5 Automotive Tools for Your Home Garage

    Learning how to maintain your own car is a great way to save money, develop some real masculine skills, and keep your car performing safely and at peak performance. In order to get to work on your own car, it’s best to have your own garage filled with all of the tools needed to get the job done. Below are five great tools and accessories for your home garage and car:


    Every vehicle owner these days should have a dashcam. Not only has the cost of this technology been driven down to an affordable price point, but a good dashcam can also help you with insurance claims in the event of a collision.

    The Uniden Car Event Camera 4K captures h

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  9. Work Safe: Our Top 5 Workwear Picks for Tradies

    Working safely is extremely important for tradies of all sorts given the inherent nature of many of the tasks they perform on a daily basis. Slips, trips and falls might be common hazards, but working at heights, working with dangerous substances or power tools, or being exposed to environmental threats can all shorten a career far sooner than anticipated.

    House Trade Supplies carries a wide range of workwear products designed specifically for tradies that want comfortable yet functional and safe workwear to get the job done right (and safely, of course).

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