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  1. 5 Top Tools for Concreters

    5 Top Tools for Concreters

    There are an awful lot of dirty jobs out there, a good tradie certainly gets their fair share of putting in an honest day’s work and looking the part on the commute home. Some tradies tend to get their hands dirtier - and their pants, and shirts, and…. everything, really - than others.

    Those working on construction sites with concrete certainly earn their wage with the good, honest work they put in, but they need to work safely and efficiently using the best quality tools and equipment. House Trade Supplies is your ideal choice for tradie tools and supplies, including these top five tools for concreters:

    1) Kneeling Board

    Laying down concrete formwork and finishing off surfaces requires tradies to get down on all fours and work in a rather uncomfortable position. That’s why kneepads are essential for tradies that want healthy knees as th

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  2. Work Safe: Our Top 5 Workwear Picks for Tradies

    Working safely is extremely important for tradies of all sorts given the inherent nature of many of the tasks they perform on a daily basis. Slips, trips and falls might be common hazards, but working at heights, working with dangerous substances or power tools, or being exposed to environmental threats can all shorten a career far sooner than anticipated.

    House Trade Supplies carries a wide range of workwear products designed specifically for tradies that want comfortable yet functional and safe workwear to get the job done right (and safely, of course).

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