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You’ll always need a Sidchrome tool in Melbourne.


You may nearly always find one or more Sidchrome tools in an Australian toolbox or workshop! Since 1942, this brand has been the go-to option for tools in the Southern Hemisphere and is renowned for it. The company has established a strong reputation for excellence and top-notch tool quality on a global scale, which also applies to its tool sets and kits. The popularity of a Sidchrome tool in Melbourne is justified for these reasons. Their tools' excellent qualities and benefits are a result of the research and development that went into their design and production.


Access your tools through a Sidchrome trolley in Melbourne


One of the most popular roller cabinet designs is the Sidchrome trolley in Melbourne. The trolley offers the best tool storage and retrieval with its superior characteristics, which include a sturdy exterior and a tool drawer space that is simple to move and open. In addition, you can choose between a 5-tool drawer option and a 13-drawer widebody Sidchrome tool chest with the same smooth drawer operation and bigger load capacity. The solid, waterproof bottom surface gives your tool bag weight and shape, making it easier to access and protect your equipment while not in use. It also provides a sturdy basis. The leather grip makes it comfortable if you have to walk a distance to go to work, and the easy-grip aluminum handle is sturdy yet lightweight.


Look professional with a Sidchrome bag in Melbourne.


The Sidchrome bag in Melbourne is a tool bag with all the features you need to make your professional working day more convenient and easy to use. This tool bag features a strong design that allows it to survive rigorous handling, dirt, grime, heat, and the elements without losing its sturdiness and dependability. The robust, durable, 1200–1400 denier fabric is exceptionally resilient and unlikely to rip or tear.


Features of a Sidchrome cabinet in Melbourne


Sidchrome cabinet in Australia boasts the following features:

  • Slides that are spring-loaded and have a ball-bearing auto-return mechanism
  • Heavy and sturdy detachable drawers that can handle heavier tool loads.
  • Drawers move smoothly, even when they are fully laden.
  • For better strength and rigidity, smooth drawer sides have rolled edges.
  • Drawers may be fully expanded to provide complete access to the tools.
  • Heavy gauge steel is used for the reinforced chest's body and lid supports.
  • Polyester epoxy hybrid powder coating that is durable and scratch resistant.
  • Even in the worst UV circumstances, the non-fade coating maintains its vibrant red color.
  • Wide, comfortable drawer handles with PVC and chrome plating.


A Sidchrome ratchet spanner in Melbourne makes your tasks simpler.


A Sidchrome ratchet spanner in Melbourne is an excellent investment. It is available in various choices, metric and AF sizes, and is made of heavy-duty Chrome Vanadium for strength and longevity.


The stellar reputation of Sidchrome tool in Melbourne means you benefit from the company's design expertise. The TorquePlus fastening mechanism, available on the ring and open-end spanners, presents a larger area to the fastener and enables easier and tighter fastening.


Further, thanks to the redistribution of force on the tool head favorable to worn or rounded fasteners, the task is safer and simpler with a Sidchrome ratchet spanner in Melbourne.


Avoid misplacing your tools with a Sidchrome tool bag in Melbourne.


Sidchrome tool bag in Melbourne features black molded foam linings to keep the tools in place. This craftsman foam tool organizer makes storing and protecting tools simple while allowing you to find the right one quickly.


Similar to all 5S foam systems, having a Sidchrome bag in Melbourne makes it simpler to perform a quick visual check to ensure that everything needed is present and nothing is missing.

A Sidchrome screwdriver set in Melbourne is highly versatile

Sidchrome screwdriver set in Melbourne is a robust, corrosion-proof tool designed for frequent industrial use.

The company uses quality chrome vanadium to construct the screwdrivers for optimal strength and longevity.

Moreover, a sturdy molded handle and ergonomic design guarantee superior torque and a blister-free grip.

The Sidchrome screwdriver set in Melbourne is an indispensable hand tool for the toolbox of any serious expert.

It is ideal for all uses, including routine upkeep and installation, automotive, and engineering.


What makes a Sidchrome torque wrench in Melbourne unique?


A common handling tool used daily is the Sidchrome torque wrench in Melbourne, which operates on the leverage principle.


Some of the features include

  • Incredibly rapid and simple jaw opening: pull down.
  • Up to 15% broader than a typically adjustable wrench, with added capacity.
  • Head design: 22.5-degree angle, metric and imperial scales
  • Better handle=more comfortable
  • Tether-ready
  • Performance surpasses ISO requirements


Get the right size of Sidchrome sockets in Melbourne.


Sidchrome sockets in Melbourne, available in all sizes and ranges, come with everything you need for your application in a handy travel case. There are fraction inch, metric, and AF sizes to accommodate all skill levels.


Sidchrome sockets in Melbourne are of the highest caliber and built to last. Besides, they are available in short and deep sizes, depending on the application’s accessibility.