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Multi Purpose Ladders

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Bailey Multi Purpose Ladder


A ladder is often portable to temporarily elevate a person or object to another level. A ladder is typically composed of two vertical posts supporting a horizontal rung or rail.; the=2.5m Read more


Bailey multi-purpose ladders provide an obvious and easy solution for many short-term elevation needs, but they also have limitations. Improper use or selection of a ladder can result in serious injury.

Bailey multi-purpose ladders come in different sizes, shapes and materials. The most common type is the A-frame ladder, but there are also extension ladders, articulating ladders, stepladders and others. Ladders are also made from different materials, including aluminum, fiberglass and wood.

The selection of a ladder should be based on its intended use. A-frame ladders are best suited for tasks that require access to a higher level, such as painting or cleaning a window. For tasks that require maneuverability, such as trimming trees or pruning bushes, an extension ladder is a better choice.

Safety Measures for Bailey Multi Purpose Ladder


When using a Bailey multi-purpose ladder, always follow these safety tips:

- Inspect the ladder before each use to make sure it is in good condition.
- Do not use a ladder if it is damaged or missing parts.
- Always use a ladder at a 4:1 ratio, meaning for every four feet of height, the base of the ladder should be one foot from the wall or other object.
- Make sure the area around the base of the ladder is level and free of tripping hazards.
- Do not stand on the top rung of a ladder.
- Do not lean or reach too far to the side while on a ladder.
- Use both hands when climbing or descending a ladder.
- Wear appropriate shoes while on a ladder. Do not wear shoes with slippery soles.